Do you have an RV and want to enjoy the ride but would like to leave the driving responsibilities to someone else?  Maybe you are no longer able to drive but you still have the desire to travel.  

About me

I have years of care-giving experience.  I have a great report with people of all ages. I am an expert Professional CDL licensed driver.  Now I have no other obligations restricting me.  I enjoy traveling and I love helping people have a good time.  

Snowbirds! I will also drive your car, van, pickup truck, rental truck or RV anywhere in the USA or Canada. Pets too!  I offer personal service adjusted to individual needs.  All details will be worked out IN ADVANCE!

ALSO, I can assist in situations standard transport companies won't handle — pets, vehicles filled with belongings, large or unusual vehicles, rental trucks and trips to or from remote places other than to Mexico.  (some commercial vehicles considered.)

Contact me at serenitydrive001@gmail.com with the following details: Once we have established a committed interest we will also communicate by phone.

For RV Travelers-

Preferred dates of travel.
Starting and ending city. The places and attractions you wish to stop and explore along the way.(If these are big cities, please give the neighborhood.)
Year and model of vehicle. It must be an automatic transmission. Your name is required on the registration and insured.
Does the vehicle have cruise control? Air Conditioning?
Year, make and model and a photo of the vehicle.  
Approximate odometer mileage on the vehicle (if known).

Do you have any medical assistance appliances I need to be aware of?  Including breathing and oxygen equipment, walkers, braces, wheelchairs.  What medications do we need to consider? Do you have any other needs or considerations I need to know? Extra fees may be applied.
If pets will be carried, tell me about them. (Age, breed, disposition, etc. A photo would be nice.)
I would also like to know a little about your situation.  Your interests, and what you would expect.

For Transporting your goods, vehicles, and pets-

When I arrive to pick up the car or truck. You will give me an additional cash deposit equivalent to our best current estimate for fuel and tolls.  MPG ratings are found at FuelEconomy.gov.) I will keep all receipts and records.  

Any differences will be settled upon completion, and the balance of my driving fee will be due upon safe delivery of the vehicle to its destination.

Two options are available:

I can quote you a fixed fee for the entire trip, including fuel and tolls, based on Google Maps estimated mileage for the trip, and your standard car's model rated fuel mileage. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with delivery trucks or campers where the fuel mileage is unknown. I would be assuming the risk of fuel costs and vehicle mileage, the charge will usually be higher than if you pay the actual gas amount. 

Provide a credit card for paying the actual amount. This is usually your better deal.  You are trusting me with your valuables, pets and so you can trust me to be accountable in this as well.  In any case, communication and trust are key.  I will be in touch daily at the minimum.  More if needs and circumstances demand or if you wish.  

My Service-

Here are the steps involved in using my services...
First, email me with the information above and I will email you back with a quote and my availability. My quote usually includes my airfare and all my hotels and other personal expenses along the way. You will also pay my return costs. I want to make sure you are seriously interested in my quote.  If you are happy with the quote and are ready to reserve specific dates, I will make up a contract and email it to you. 

I  use a PDF to "sign" the contract. If you don't already have it you need to download and install ADOBE Reader. I will ask for a deposit of 50%, which will be applied to my total fee. (We can use PayPal for this.) The deposit is intended to cover the cost of my airfare (airfare, personal expenses, and ground transport are included in my fee), and I will use it to buy my plane ticket in advance. Once I have purchased the ticket, the deposit is refundable only to the extent airfare is. (Most tickets are non-refundable.) 

When I arrive you will give me an additional 75% deposit to cover my time. We will settle any difference at the end. Your cost will also include all the fuel, and any repairs and expenses of the vehicle while on the trip.  All food, gifts, tours, laundry, and sundries will be paid by you.